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Sunday Funday

Sunday 12th September 2010

Download : Flyer

Sunday September 12th 2010 starting 10am
Entry fee only £5 each class!!


Ring 1:

Class 1: Nanny and Novice

Rider pairs will jump together round parallel courses 1’6 and 2’6
Normal SJ faults will apply BUT points will be awarded for jumping together.

Class 2: Horse and Hound
Rider must jump round small SJ course on foot with their dog then mount and jump their horse over either course. Whole thing will be timed and SJ faults apply to horses and dogs!

Class 3: Pairs
Rider pairs will jump together over parallel courses at the same height, it will be timed, normal SJ faults apply BUT points will be awarded for jumping together.

Class 4: Accumulator
Each fence will have a points value eg fence 1, 1 point, fence 2, 2 points etc. Fences must be jumped in order and the last fence will have a bogey fence alternative worth 20 points BUT if you knock any down you will lose the equivalent points! Will be timed.

Class 5: Chase-me-Charlie
All riders in the ring together, there will be 2 fences including the wall. After every rider has jumped the wall will go up a brick, knock it down or refuse and you are out. The winner is the last one to clear it!

Ring 2:

All jumping classes, juniors and seniors will jump together, prizes will be split if there are more than 10 entries in each section so please state on entry form which you are!

Class 1: Minimus, 0.50m in the first round
combination of horse and rider never to have been placed in a jumping competition

Class 2: Novice, 0.75m in the first round
combination never to have won an event involving jumping

Class 3: Intermediate, 0.85m in the first round
Combination to have won not more than £50

Class 4: Open, 0.95m in the first round
Open to all!

Ring 3:

Fun Fancy Dress’age’!

This will be a freestyle dressage in fancy dress, you will have 2-4 minutes to do a show to include walk, trot and canter on each rein. Marks will be given for paces and rhythm as well as your costume. Unfortunately we cannot allow music to be used due to licensing regulations.

Other information:

  • Entry fee for all classes is just £5 and if you buy 5 entries together you will receive a voucher for a free burger!
  • All entries on the day.
  • All riders must wear correct riding hats at all times when mounted.
  • There will be first aiders present but we strongly recommend you have your own Personal Insurance cover and note that you partake at your own risk.
  • Prizes and rosettes will be in kind dependant on entries.
  • This is a fun event and the judges decision will be final, please bear in mind the spirit of the occasion is to have FUN!!